Bomber Basketball Fans we are about the begin the season and we kickoff Tuesday at the Junior High with the Mountain Home Bombers vs. the Harrison Goblins.  7th grade starts at 4:30 then the 8th and 9th grade will play. 


1.      No student is allowed to hang out at the school building waiting on the games to start.

2.     All students must sit in the student section to cheer on the Bombers.  All school rules apply.  If you cannot conduct yourself in a manner that is positive while cheering on our Bombers, then you will be asked to leave. 

3.     All students must be picked up immediately at the end of the games.  There should be no student waiting for a ride home once the games are completed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Junior High at 425-1231.

Thank you